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Color Remedy in your Psychological Well being, Yoga and Wellbeing – Kati Kaia

Color remedy (or chromo remedy) is an alternate treatment that makes use of color and light-weight to deal with bodily or psychological well being by balancing the physique’s vitality centres, additionally recognized chakras. This idea dates again to historical Egyptians who used sun-activated solarium rooms constructed with colored glass for therapeutic functions. We use color a lot in our on a regular basis lives and have the affect of color psychology threaded all through the fashionable world.

My early introduction to the impact of color on the mind, was in my dyslexia prognosis the place I used to be given gentle pink sheets that may be layered stronger or weaker in color to put over textual content to ease and enhance studying. This made me assume deeply as a baby… why pink? What impact does pink have on the thoughts – the mind – and what do different colors do? 


Again to fundamentals

Colors are made up of mirrored lights that hit our retinas because the wavelengths vibrate. Our mind interprets these wavelengths, which finally makes our notion of color as a bodily and sensory expertise.

Color remedy is predicated on the concept that colors create {an electrical} impulse in our mind, which stimulates hormonal and biochemical processes in our physique. These processes both stimulate or calm us and impact our general well being and wellbeing. Color Therapists or Chromo therapists declare to have the ability to use totally different lights or rays within the type of color to take care of a steadiness or vitality missing in an individual’s physique. The missing could be of emotional, psychological, religious and/or bodily.

The totally different colors we see on this planet round us are the results of the attention perceiving gentle vibrating at totally different frequencies. Daylight, or full-spectrum gentle, holds all of the wavelengths of coloration within the seen spectrum (pink, orange, yellow, inexperienced, blue, indigo, violet, and magenta) in addition to infrared and ultraviolet gentle, which can’t be seen.



The vibrations of the color in color remedy class increase and enhance your temper and general well being. There are as many colors in color remedy classes as there are colors within the rainbow. Many locations mix color and aromatherapy, to envelope the senses utterly. In some salons, you may even get a therapeutic massage with totally different colors of sunshine being projected in your physique to stimulate well being and therapeutic. It’s even utilized by vets on animal psycology and easing their sufferers.  

Color Remedy is without doubt one of the hottest various medicines used to affect the behaviour and mind of individuals. It has been immense utilized in Egypt, India and China for hundreds of years. The advantages of color remedy are plain. Massages utilizing colour-saturated oils, considering and visualizing colors, even carrying colored clothes and consuming colored meals. Color is a crucial element of our constructed setting and with out its presence; our surroundings could be boring and miserable. It performs a significant position in our constructed setting, particularly in relation to the partially blind, infants, hospital sufferers and psychological well being points resulting in melancholy, there may be a lot to be stated in regards to the pleasure of color. 



Completely different colors deal with totally different illnesses:

The shades of colors used in your color remedy session will differ relying upon the sort of ailment you might be trying to appropriate. For instance, blue or purple lights are anti-inflammatory and calming. Inexperienced colour helps to purify and cleanse, white and yellow color gentle stimulates the lymphatic system. Uncover the science of Crimson Gentle Remedy for an energising increase or to deliver life ardour and deeper reds are glorious to floor, however could be agitating for an inflammed particular person.



The Chakras + Color Affiliation 

Yoga and Indian philosophy, the chakras are the centres of religious energy and vitality inside our our bodies. There are seven chakras and totally different colors characterize a unique chakra, the vitality physique can be utilized as a information that can assist you in your follow and balancing your self. Beginning with the basis chakra, you should use these colors in visualisation and in your personal work to create circulate. 


Base or Root Chakra (Muladhara) – Crimson colour – I AM: The root chakra positioned at the base of the backbone is represented by pink color. The Chakra has to do with our reference to the Earth and feeling at house inside ourselves and the Earth, feeling grounded and regular.


Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana) – Orange color – I FEEL: The Sacral Chakra, which is positioned 2 or 3 inches below the navel, is reoffered by orange color. This chakra is alleged to be related to replica, kidneys, Adrenals and pleasure. The chakra is the mind-body chakra. Pure self love, confidence and happiness are related to this hue. 


Photo voltaic Plexus (Manipura) – Yellow color – I DO: The photo voltaic plexus chakra is affiliated with liver, pancreas, digestive system, gallbladder, empowerment and well-being. The chakra is positioned between the navel and sternum. A really uplifting color. 


Coronary heart Chakra (Anahata) – Inexperienced color – I LOVE: The color represents the Coronary heart Chakra. It’s related with coronary heart, lungs and immune system, vitality, nervous system, psychological focus, compassion and empowerment.


Throat Chakra (Visuddha) – Blue color – I SPEAK: The chakra is related to thyroid and metabolism and likewise with a peaceable expression. It has a relaxing hue and general could be smooth and peaceable, deep blues it ought to be prevented in case you endure from melancholy. 


Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) – Indigo color – I UNDERSTAND: The third eye chakra is positioned between the eyebrows. It is related with the pituitary gland and pineagland. It influences our sleep cycle, readability, wisdom, shallowness and instinct.


Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)  + ABOVE – Violet color – ONENESS: It is related with the Crown Chakra and is located at the high of the head. It is related with readability, desires, spirituality, sleep cycles, desires, pineal gland and gentle sensitivity.





Discover the Energy of Color Remedy: Remodel Habits, Impressions, and Areas.

1. When Exercising

If you wish to improve your efficiency, select a pink, use pink gentle, encompass your self with pink colors, and take your route the place you’re extra doubtless to see pink highway indicators, pink vehicles, and pink stoplights. Crimson Fireplace Vitality!


2. When You Must Bear in mind One thing

Attempt to get yellow into the combination. Some analysis has prompt it improves reminiscence, visualise one thing it is advisable bear in mind lined in yellow gentle, use yellow highlighters, carrying yellow beads for remembering particular issues may also help. 


3. When You Must Get Work Achieved

Keep away from white partitions! Research present that employees working in white-walled offices experience extra facet results like complications and nausea than these in off white, pink or blue workspaces.


4. When You Need Some House to Loosen up

Get some inexperienced into the combine. As a result of of its connection to nature and the setting, it’s typically related with leisure and luxury.


5. When You Need to Chorus from Over Consumption and Consuming

Keep away from yellow in your dining room. A 2007 examine discovered that folks in a yellow room ate twice as a lot as these in a pink or blue room, that may very well be mirrored in your desk material, your plates.


6. When You Need to Really feel Assured

Attempt a combine of pink, oranges and black. These are related with confidence. If you’re going up in entrance of a room stuffed with folks, black may also help you seem extra authoritative and probably refined or related to management, it it typically the color of grounding and a clean slate as effectively. 


7. When You Must Be Inventive

Go blue. A 2009 examine discovered that folks uncovered to blue have been higher ready to discover their artistic sides. Use blue in your artwork, crafting, or writing room, or slap on a blue piece of jewellery for a artistic increase on the go.


8. If You Need to Really feel Energetic and Joyful

Golds, Orange and Yellow are your go-to! Not solely will you’re feeling solarnier, however you’ll challenge that picture onto others, probably serving to to carry their temper as effectively. 



9. When You Must Be Calm

Going into a hectic scenario? Attempt a combination of pastel inexperienced and blue colours. These work effectively in rooms in the house the place you need to calm down after a hectic day at work, or someplace inside eyesight when in a hectic scenario, like jewelry or notebooks. Inexperienced is notably useful for selling calm in well being-oriented areas, like hospitals, clinics, and counselling workplaces. That’s the reason vegetation have such a relaxing impact within the house and gardens are a blessing. 


10. When You Need to Be Extra Female

Pink is the colour of romance and femininity, issues of the guts are related to pink and likewise tends to be calming and soothing. If you’re wanting to attach deeper to your female facet – the rose quartz stone is a stunning stone to maintain by your facet or in your crystal assortment, the color pink is to not be feared. 


11. When You Must Focus

When you work at house or have your personal office, you might need to be certain you have blue in the décor. It not solely calms and stimulates creativity, however it may encourage focus, serving to to restrict distractions so you will get your work executed. You might discover writing with a blue pen useful when artistic writing or utilizing your journal. 


12. To Assist Hold Your Spirits Up

If life has been tough recently, it might be time to deliver in extra yellow to your residing and working and yoga areas. Yellow is related with optimism and good occasions. Select shiny and cheerful yellow footage, colors of sunshine within the greyest days can carry the sprit and soul, citrine crystal vitality and decorations that can assist you really feel higher.


13. To Be Social or Internet hosting a Occasion

Make sure you have some orange round! This is a full of life, flamboyant color that helps stimulate vitality between folks, and promotes interplay!


14. When you’re Drained and Simply Do not Really feel Like Doing Anything

Get some pink on! This color creates vitality and helps infuse your spirit with vitality. Rely on it to get you by way of a tricky day.


15. If you’re having Hassle Expressing Your self

Go someplace you can be exposed to orange. This color helps carry repressions and encourages releasing expression. When you’re in a relationship and it’s time to open up, use orange to provide you a helping hand.


16. If you’re taking a Class

Put on some yellow, because it will assist stimulate your curiosity and curiosity. Yellow connects you to your studying self, and can assist encourage you to open up your thoughts, it might so simple as carrying yellow beads or holding citrine crystals.


17. If You are Feeling a Bit Off

Get out in nature the place you can be surrounded by inexperienced issues. Inexperienced connects us to the religious centre, and brings our consideration to the guts, assuaging stress and letting all those small worries simply fade away with the breeze. 





18. When You Must Join With Your Instinct

It’s time to incorporate purple into your life. Purple helps us get in touch with our instinct, and is additionally the color related to dream activity and psychic powers. In case your logical thoughts is working the present and it’s not going so effectively, get nearer to your intestine emotions by exposing your self to extra purple.


19. Redecorating Your House

Think about the impact of every color and what you need to really feel in each room. Kitchens and bathrooms typically incorporate yellow to convey happiness and pleasure. Eating rooms that use blue and inexperienced will really feel calmer and assist ease any consuming anxieties… there’s a lot to unpack, however easy touches of color are nice to usher in. 


20.  If You Need to Look Good

Going for an interview, or making an attempt to impress somebody along with your brainpower? Go for blue. It’s a soothing color, but additionally aids focus and is perceived as conveying intelligence.




Advantages of various colors:

a) Gentle is thought-about to be one of the purest therapeutic forces within the universe. The presence or absence of gentle can have an effect on the Hypothalamus, Pituitary and Pineal glands. This, in flip, can affect our physical and mental well being.


b) Protected and pain-free so it may be used for youngsters, adults and elderly alike


c) Addresses the bodily signs of an ailment and additionally its non-physical origin

Balances the Chakras within the physique


d) Has a constructive affect on not solely bodily ranges but in addition psychological and religious ranges


e) Helps meditation and leisure, and may enlighten and rework a person

Eliminates emotional blockages earlier than they’ll manifest as psychological or bodily diseases


Aside from theses benefits, color remedy can enhance consciousness and assist people perceive the want for together with sure colors of their every day lives. It could actually additionally assist pure therapeutic in a body, enabling general effectively-being. 


Color remedy is a protected and efficient therapy and can be both be used on its personal or alongside one other remedy like physiotherapy or traditional medication. Regardless of how it’s used, it is important to understand that the remedy can

strongly have an effect on the thoughts and body.



Corals, Pinks and Oranges deliver heat and confidence. 



Color remedy might be considered from various points such as its position in totally different cultures. Reducing bodily and psychological problems and its impact on working local weather, trade, creativity and in particular medical and hospital settings are just some of the examples of colour therapy. Discover how one can introduce extra color into your life, how may or not it’s efficient to work with color every day to deliver steadiness and components that you simply may like to enhance or increase your temper. 




Yoga and Artwork Remedy and the way they work so effectively collectively as a catalyst for transformation: 



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